Nettare finally introduces in India, the means to have the ultimate coffee experience at just the push of a button. The brewing of the perfect espresso is just as much an art as it is a science. So we decided to use technology to to do the artist's work for us.

These use coffee capsules or cartridges that not only help speed up the process and make this method the most efficient, but also has many other benefits associated with it. This system is such that it's elegance lies in its simplicity.


It is scientifically proven to be the best way to conjure the ideal espresso. That is, of course, short of going to Italy and having a super skilled barista paid lavishly to make it for you.

The espresso system has to have hot water rushed through very tightly packed coffee ground under extremely high pressure conditions.

This high pressured water is forced to percolate through the tightly packed coffee and extract the essential oils out of it. This creates the bronze colored rich froth called crema (crowning the espresso) and also gives it its distinct aromas and body.

  • 19 Bar Pressure Pump - to yield the perfect Espresso
  • Automatic Capsule insertion and ejection
  • One Button Operation- incredibly effortless one touch preparation of Espresso, Ristretto, Lungo & Hot water
  • Highly Efficient Thermostat heating water to optimal temperatures
  • Minimal maintenance

Power: 1200 W - 1400 W
Dimension: 360*195*305 (lXbXh)
Weight: 4kg
Used capsules container capacity: 7
Water Tank: 1litre


The Aria frother is the quickest way to make creamy, velvety foam; perfect milk foam to create Cappuccinos, Cafe Mocha, & various other recipes. Milk is heated to the optimum temperature and thick froth is churned to create a divine coffee experience. It can also create cold foam for various cold creations. For Cafe Latte lovers the Aria comes with options of heating.
Use your frother with the Nettare Espresso Machine, to enjoy cafe style Italian Creations, all in a matter of seconds and effortlessly at the touch of a button.

  • One button operation; Hot & Cold milk with light indicators
  • Automatic Switch Off, after milk is prepared
  • Quick Foaming under 90 seconds
  • Interchangeable paddles

Power: 400 W
Dimensions: 168*118*200 (l XbXh)
Max Heating Capacity: 250ml
Max Frothing Capacity: 60-100ml