Business Solutions

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, with Nettare. Make impeccable coffee at the push of a button. Our ultra- Easy to use systems allow you to get rid of the high degrees of dependency bestowed on highly trained baristas.

Also bid farewell to human error with the highly automatic system. Create a perfect brew, every time, cup after cup, consistently. You couldn't make bad coffee, even if you wanted to.

We offer a variety of
extra value additions for our distinguished business partners, including premium service,
branded collaterals such as
sugar sachets, cups, customised menus, delivery
and much more.

In the UK, France and even in Italy- the country of espresso, many including Michelin starred restaurants have shifted to such systems. Bring in your Nettare, to serve great coffee incessantly.

Increase Efficiency

Irrespective of the kind of business, the Nettare System provides the best coffee experience.
An experience that stays with guests forever, at just the push of a button.

"Bring Experience to Your Business"

Nettare E.S.E ( Easy Serving Espresso) transforms the way you drink and serve coffee,
consistently cup after cup.

Customers and other stakeholders
can enjoy their work day
with the perfect cup of coffee.

Provide your hotel guests with an experience that they cherish forever. Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee whether it is at the restaurant, business center, guest rooms or the lobby.

Nettare would be the natural choice for restaurants and chefs who believe in serving the best to its patrons with sophisticated and cultivated palates.


Nettare's coffee connoisseurs and experts, if necessary, can create exclusive menus for restaurants and facilitate training of all the crew members.

As simple as it gets, extremely easy to use.

Get rid of bulky machines and high investments.

Use our experts, to create exquisite menus to boost your sales.

Enjoy after sales services promptly and conveniently.